Timeless, authentic crafts from the far ends of the earth

Lise Warurani's Blouse
Origin: Mortlock Island,Papua New Guinea

Christer Koromasta's Blouse
Origin:Mortlock Island,Papua New Guinea

Fruit Basket
Above: Type:Varied Sizes collections can be bought @ US$150.00 to US$185.00 each. Origin:Mortlock island. Country: PNG Material: Cane & Decorated Vine. Durability: 30-40 years Size:*30cm diameter-45cm base to handle. *45cm diameter-50cm base to handle. *20 cm diameter-39cm base to handle. Use:-laundry -fruits storage -vegetables storage -shopping basket

Kumiane Tray
Origin:Pangia Province:Southern Highlands Country:Papua New Guinea Use:For serving food Material:Cane with fern Dimension: 30cm diameter Durability: 30-40 years

Sea Shell necklace


Maiyo (Kina Shell) Traditional PNG Currency
Maiyo or Kina Shell is a traditional Papua New Guinea money.Over many centuries all over New Guinea island, maiyo has been in natives' hearts. It has the buying power that can facilitate traditional marriage weddings,can broker peace between warring tribes over tribal land conflicts or tribal fights. It is decorated with a red paint of a tree fruit powder,traditional yellow paint,a woven tree buck cloth.It is actually a sea shell. Can last for centuries if encased and handled with proper care.It differs in sizes and shapes. The current PNG legal tender Kina originally derived its name from this Kina Shell called Maiyo It can be used for home or office decoration .

Haus Man Totem
Haus Tambaran means spirit house.This totem is a pole carved and possesses evil spells.It is erected in walkways into the spirit house.

Wall Paintings


Wooden Bowl
This wooden bowl comes from the Trobriand islands of Milne Bay province of Papua New Guinea. It is carved out from rosewood.It's size differs and is polished with wood vanish,thus can last 30-40 years. It has been used by native Trobriand islanders as plate and dish for serving food. Today,it is carved for decorations of offices and homes. It can also be used to serve fruits and snacks food.

Varied Animal Carvings
These wooden carvings vary in style,value,design,price and dimensions. Mostly,they are carved from hardwoods like kwila and rosewood trees and can last for 30 years plus.Fully vanished and decorated with shells and nuts engraved into the wood. Are portable and convenient for office and home displays.

Wall Painting
Place of Origin:Kerowagi
Country:Papua New Guinea
Wall painting has been in existence for years on the New Guinea island in cave walls and homes where people dwell. This has been a tradition that signifies the ability to decorate homes in the prehistoric times in PNG. The above artistic work measures 1m x 3m and is painted on a canvas using charcoal, clay,tree nut powder and modern paint. It can last for 20-30 years and is portablw.Can be used to decorate office space and homes.Comes in various sizes and prices.

Mapoka (Laundry Cane Basket)
Place of Origin:Pangia
Province:Southern Highlands
Country:Papua New Guinea
The mapoka is short for basket in Wiru language.It is made from lady fern,cane and bush vines.It can last for 30-40 years and portable. It comes in different sizes and prices,too. Up in the highlands of PNG,it has been woven and used for food storage.Today,it can be used for multiple purposes like laundry basket,food storage,home or office decorations or flower pot decorations.

Riku (Traditional Yam House)
Place of Origin:Trobriand Islands
Province:Milne Bay
Country:Papua New Guinea
The riku is a traditional yam house built to store surplus yam harvest for later consumption. It can store yams in good condition for 6-7 months. These riku models are carved from kwila tree with sea shells engraved into the hardwood and polished with wood vanish. They vary in sizes and prices.All are portable and have strengths to last for 30-45 years. They can be used to decorate homes and offices. Riku displays the traditional primitive architecture of Trobriand people located far south of PNG.

Bilas (Face Painting)
Place of Origin:Kerowagi
Country:Papua New Guinea
The materials used to make this artworks are canvas, tree but powder,charcoal,clay and water-based modern paint. The dimensions of this paintings are 1m x 60cm.It is portable and can last for 30-40 years. The painting portrays women's traditional face painting (bilas) of Hagen,Mendi,Simbu and Tari women,respectively. These are 4 townships that represent 4 provinces. Bilas has been centuries old tradition in New Guinea. It signifies a person's mood,status and relationship. It varies significantly in Papua New Guinea due to 800+ ethnical language groups. This tradition is more vibrant and still active today unlike other norms and beliefs gradually dying. Revival of bilas is witnessed in all cultural shows hosted all year around nationwide.

Yamangi (dragon)
Place of Origin:Trobriand Islands
Province:Milne Bay
Country:Papua New Guinea
The yamangi is carved out of a kwila tree.

Face Painting
Place of Origin: Kerowagi
Province: Jiwaka
Country: Papua New Guinea
Materials Used: